Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Speech text for final examination


Opening speech:
Good day and best wishes to all of us
First let us pray all the turing to and praise our thanks to God Almighty where for all the favors and blessing from Him we can meet our daily needs. At this opportunity, allow me to address the theme of poverty that I will convey to all of you.

Contents of speech:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The poverty that exists in our country still has a very bad impact on the future of the children in our country, not only the children, but the parents are also considered very heavy in fulfilling daily life.
In addition, poverty is poor in children's health and children's education, where the average poor person earns very little or less than 20,000 rupiah in Indonesia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This is certainly very worrying if there is no way or way out of the Indonesian government to reduce poverty in Indonesia. My hope as well as all of us as citizens who care about the future of their nation must support and solve the problems of poverty in Indonesia, by organizing programs and opening small businesses that recruit poor employees also feel quite helpful in terms of paying wages they.
Hopefully for the future government pay more attention to the impact of poverty in order to create a prosperous and prosperous country

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Maybe that's all I can say in this speech, hopefully to illustrate you to be a well-off society and to help those who are still in need. Finally I thank you for your attention and apologize if there is any word.
Good afternoon and thank you.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

future business

My future business
My business plan is to have a musical instrument store. From small I am very happy to hear music. I first learned to play music since junior high school, where I was taught to play guitar by sister class. From there I was determined if big later I want to have an alt music store where in the store I have my own music studio. Having a recording studio and studio rental would be a very profitable business for me.
Making studio musical instruments is not easy. I have to master the techniques as well as how to play a musical instrument. In order to take good care of the instrument, I had to learn the parts of the instrument itself. If we have mastered the various parts of the musical instrument, we can handle it if there is damage in certain parts.
Furthermore, if I already have a variety of musical instruments, recording studios, and music rental studios, I will try to find someone who has talent to sing and I will train well, so maybe I will make my own music album. In addition to having a musical instrument store and inside there is a music recording studio, I also hired to rent my musical instruments, so my business can grow rapidly.
If my business plan is successful, then I will try to open various branches of musical instruments in various regions. I want my efforts to be known by many people. And if my business succeeds, then there will be many people who will be proud of my accomplishments, especially my parents, family, and friends. I hope my business plan will be a reality, and hopefully my dream is supported by many people.

Rabu, 26 April 2017

tutorial play to piano for begginer


Piano and Tricks How to Learn Piano for Beginner with Ease - Piano is a musical instrument that is quite popular by almost all circles of musicians and laymen. From children to adults, many love this instrument. In addition to sounding loud and soft, in the hands of piano experts, by listening to the game of this instrument will make us more calm and peaceful. Therefore, many want to learn about piano. Unmitigated, many dare to pay expensive in order to play the piano. How difficult is it to play the piano? Is there an easy way to understand how to play piano easily?

Piano is a musical instrument has strings inside that are played by tapping the white and black keys. The keys connect to the strings so they can sound out loud. However, lately many misunderstand the differences between the keyboard and Piano. The keyboard is similar to a piano. The difference, the piano is an acoustic musical instrument (without electricity) while the keyboard is an electronic musical instrument (need the flow of electricity). But, basically this instrument how to play it the same. Well for those of you who want to learn piano and minimal funds, you better buy a keyboard because the price of piano (grand piano) is very expensive. And of course the keyboard is much cheaper tricks how to learn piano easily.

Piano and Tricks How to Learn Piano with Ease
Tricks how to learn piano easily is a lot, but like playing guitar of course you have to learn to play a chord or a guitar key. Well here you have to be able to play piano chords. If you are confused how to play the chords or keys on the piano. Here's a trick how to learn piano below:

1. Determine Do Mi Sol
Do Mi Sol? What is that? Remember you often hear the word Do re mi fa sol la si do 'kan? Well, here to form your chord requires 3 basic tones Do-Mi-Sol is usually called the triad. In shaping your chords you need some adjustments and exercises. Slowly you need to practice the chord with your left hand only. You need to make your left hand comfortable. For example, when you play a basic tone C, then the tone needs to press the C-E-G keys to become a harmony-sounding triad chord. You can start by combining several notes on each of the keys to become a single chord that can be worth harmonizing. Therefore, you need to look for triads of some basic chords.

2. Determine the Major and Minor Tones
In learning the piano, of course almost the same as with the guitar, you also have to think of these two notes of the major scales and minor scales. In it you need to use some merges that are slightly different from those already described above. Major tones will be different from minor tones. Usually the tone or minor key will be nuanced sad and major happy nuances. But the existence of both is very important in accompanying a song. Therefore you need to study these two chords well. You can look for reference images of chord or key images from both major and minor pianos.

3. Equating the Right and Left Hand
Well, this needs to be done and learned by beginners, why compensate for the piano playing on the right and left hand is difficult, but in learning the piano you can do is to press the piano keys according to the left hand and right should press with the same. For example, when you press C key on the left hand of course you need to press C key also on right hand. Remember the balance of your hands as well.

4. Learning Songs
It is also important, in learning a musical instrument you need to learn and apply to existing works. An example is a song. You can find the key of your favorite song, so you can find the path or key of your favorite song. That way you will easily follow the game of a song.

Do not think too much first. Remember, you need to learn gradually, you can not learn an instrument game with one day. The instrumental game of the famous pianist pianist is quite difficult because of the many uses of the technique and takes a long time to practice. Therefore, you can learn it by accompanying it as a rhythm of a song. Surely you can learn it with your time and your practice.

Rabu, 12 April 2017

interview a person

Interview a person
Saturday, April 8th 2017
Preparation :
Topic               : Working at young age
Interviewer      : Jorgi Alessandro
Informant        : Gani Widansyah
Question          :

1.      Tell me about yourself ?
2.      Why do you prefer to work at a young age ?
3.      You are now working in the field of what ?
4.      How long have you worked in your field ?
5.      What is your position in your work ?
6.      Are you master of your work ?
7.      Acording to you, how do you divide time for work and for college ?
8.     What’s the hardest thing you found in your work, and how you handle it ?
9.      After graduation from college, what are your plans in the future ?
1.     Your advice for our students who may not have been working and are still spoiled with parents ?

Interview Dialog

Interviewner    : good morning gan ?
Informant        : good morning to.
Interviewner    : do i disturb your time, i’d like interview you.
Informant        : oh no, pleace..... i have a lot of time to be interviewed
Interviewner    : firs, tell me about your self ?
Informant        : i was an independent person, easy to make friends with anyone and has     high ideals to achieve something that i want to from right.
Interviewner    : Why do you prefer to work at a young age ?
Informant        : Choosing work at young age is the desire Alone, Many Experiences Yang in getting Already work if.
Interviewner    : You are now working in the field of what ?
Informant        : I work in one of the finance company which is engaged in financing of electronic products, furniture, IT.
Interviewner    : How long have you worked in your field ?
Informant        : I work in this field has been almost 4 years.
Interviewner    : What is your position in your work ?
Informant        : My position working for the company as marketing, was designated by the company as a leader, but I refused because a lot of factors that need to be noticed.
Interviewner    : Are you master of your work ?
Informant        : My master enterprise applications, knowing targets sales market to be in control.
Interviewner    : Acording to you, how do you divide time for work and for college ?
Informant        : devote time to study and work is not easy. but all of it will run smoothly as long as there will and intention in yourself.
Interviewner    : What’s the hardest thing you found in your work, and how you handle it ?
Informant        : To divide their time between work and study is very difficult, but all can be done because the intention and urge to achieve a goal. Flexible working time can also help unencumbered between work and college.
Interviewner    : After graduation from college, what are your plans in the future ?
Informant        : After graduating from college I will focus to begin a career as field and course material which I get for this, being an entrepreneur is the main goal.
Interviewner    : Your advice for our students who may not have been working and are still spoiled with parents ?
Informant        : All back to yourself whether to focus on college and college while working, because the world of work is not as easy as you imagine. Try to learn to live independently, do not disappoint your parents, you are sure to be successful.
Interviewner    : okay thank you for agreeing to my interview. I hope your work smoothly and suggestions from you was useful for us.
Informant        : you’re walcome.